Kickin Jalapeno 80


Mitch’s Kickin’ Jalapeño, or also known as Uncle Mitch, is named after one our best friends. Although we’ve been through a fair share of up’s and down’s together in life, we always seem to find a good laugh. Whether it’s the buttery zucchini incident, losing a 20 piece chicken in the back seat, or sharing a good rusty burger hot off the grill, we have a lot of stories to tell the grandkids! Let’s keep on rockin’ the laughs old friend.

Mitch’s Kickin’ Jalapeño is the perfect mix of Jalapeno flavor, sweet, and the right amount of hot to make an amazing Bloody Mary. If you like sweet and spicy as much as we do you will love this flavor.

80 PROOF/750 ML (OLCC #5706B)

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