Beau’s Caramel Cream


Beau’s Caramel Cream is named after our oldest son. Since blackberry is still in the works, 2 years later, our boy decided he liked the idea of caramel instead! Beau is definitely the soft hearted one in our bunch. He has received kindness awards, and praise from every teacher who has had him in class. This kiddo strives to make the world around him a better place, one goofy giggle at a time. This fantastic product couldn’t be named after a better guy!

Beau’s Caramel Cream is a dream in a cup! At first you are immersed into the yummy caramel scent, then it hits your lips… The caramel is the perfect blend, which makes your mind race of every possible opportunity you will have to drink this fine creation!

34 PROOF/750 ML

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